Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, today didn't get off to a very good start.

No indeed. I heard all of the alarms go off at 08:00, but then the next thing that I remembered was looking at the time on the clock and it was 10:35. Ahh well.

But I didn't miss anything though. We are back in the hanging clouds again and it's just like winter with low clouds and damp and so on everywhere. It's perked up the rainwater but that's about all. I even had to turn the fridge off.

And due to the miserable wet weather I was back in the barn again after lunch. I've almost finished tidying up the parking place in there and I reckon that with about another hour's work I could drag the caravan body out. But it won't be moving soon as I need to move the Cortina and to do that I need to move the trailer. But it's nice to think that I can now see the wood rather than the trees.

It's also nice to be able to get at my huge toolbox and find all my mechanics' tools. Just like old friends they are. I'm looking forward to getting the Cortina into the barn so that I can make a start on it.

What was surprising though was the things that I found - loads of things I'd forgotten about, including the drawers with all the important Cortina bits - and I've not seen that since I dismantled my workshop in Crewe in April 1989. There was also an electric screwdriver from that era or maybe a little later - and it was still holding a charge, which astonished me.

I'm slowly making progress, slowly being the operative word. But I'll get there in the end. Tomorrow it's the Royal Wedding and so in keeping with the general contents of the event I've set aside the day to deal with the contents of the composting toilet. I think that it's quite appropriate.

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  1. I shall be painting a fence early in the day. I shall then sit and watch the paint drying which I assure people will be far more interesting than any showbiz wedding happening in Britain.