Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did you all miss me last night?

If you did, you'll have to improve your aim.

But seriously, we had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon just as I sat down to read my e-mails. And the first flash of lightning, and that was that. Rob came round a little later - "has your internet gone too?" It seems that the very first flash of lightning got the village's internet relay box. How about that for a shot? Anyway, we had to wait until this evening for it to come back on line.

Mind you, it isn't as if you missed anything. Yesterday was a day off and so I did nothing except read a book or two, watch a film or two, and work on the Newfoundland web pages.

But we had rain, all 4.5mm of it and now there's about 100 litres of water in the water butts. I've used too much cleaner in there though and so it's rather more soapy than I would like. But I have 30 litres of clean water that I saved and so I can use that for cooking, and meanwhile keep on drawing off the water in the butt to use for washing, washing up and so on. I started by drawing 30 litres out and saving it in a different container. That's reduced the water in the butts of course and so as more rain falls (if it ever does) it has a good start on diluting the cleaner that remains. It's all trial and error around here.

Today I spent the first while working on the computer and then I set about the garden. I've done more planting, some weeding and hoeing and I've also put the two raspberry bushes in - those that I bought two weeks ago. But I don't like the look of them. If I get anything at all from them I'll really be lucky.

Tonorrow I'm starting to build the greenhouse.

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