Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm not here.

Or, at least, I won't be by the time that many of you read this - although most of you have been saying that I haven't been all here for quite a long time.

No - I'm on my way to Brussels for what may well be, if it comes off, the defining moment in all of my efforts. If you have been following my exploits you will know that I own what was formerly a pretty derelict apartment there, one that I bought as an investment and in which I lived for a while. Over the winter, as you know, my friends Liz and Terry helped me work finish the work (or they might well say that what actually happened was that I got in the way of them finishing off the work) and it was put up for sale. A buyer was quickly found, and the sale is planned to be completed on Monday.

That means that all of my hard work and effort over all of these past 32 years has finally borne fruit. While most of my friends were out living the high life, I was investing my cash in property and I know in whose shoes I would rather be today.

But that is or course always assuming that it does in fact sell - never be sure of the bird on your plate until you have your fork stuck in it.

Mind you, assuming that it does, I can cancel piles of Standing Orders at the bank and that will free up some cash, and then I need to book my air ticket to Canada because Strawberry Moose and I are going to have a holiday. You might remember that I bought some land over there, and we are going to buy a mobile home to put on it and we are going to install ourselves there for a month. And why not? We deserve it.

Having recorded our outstanding radio programme yesterday (that was really all that I did) everything else has been done. And so I'll see you when I get back, whenever that might be.

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