Friday, April 13, 2012

I can't remember now ...

... what it was that I did this morning. One thing that I do remember however was sleeping through the alarm clocks and waking up at 09:35, and it's been a long time since that happened.

I did spend some time on my web site again and did some more work, but round about 11:30 I must have been distracted because I'm having one of these mental blanks.

After lunch however, the interesting stuff. I phoned up my travel agents in Belgium and told them of my holiday plans. I was on the phone for about an hour because what I'm trying to do is not easy and neither is it straightforward. The net result of it all is that they have all of the details and they'll work something out and call me back tomorrow. Or at least I hope that they will.

After that I went outside and dug over one of the beds that I'll be using for root vegetables. and that wasn't straightforward either. I put a plank across the beds to stand on while I dig the beds over, but this plank broke one of the sides of the bed. That caused a halt while I went to search for a suitable plank to cut down to size to remake the bed.

But anyway, that bed is dug over and properly hoed, and I've put two rows of carrot seeds and one row of beetroot seeds in, in order to see what happens. I don't have any parsnip seeds, which is a surprise. What is also a surprise is that there seems to be tons of tiny plants in the bed, which look just like seeds that have germinated quite recently. And they look too focused to be weeds. I'm trying to think what they might be. It was brassica that was in there last year - did something run to seed maybe? Anyway, I've pulled most of them out but I've also left some of them in so that I can work out what it might have been. I'll probably come home to a bed full of dandelions or something.

I checked over a few other beds too. The new potatoes are stirring now and so are the garlic bulbs. The peas too are looking as if they might be doing things but the beans are as yet quite quiet. Pride of place though must go to the brassica - the sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Those seeds were planted about three weeks ago, thoroughly watered and left under a black plastic sheet to keep the moisture in place and to heat up the soil. The result of this is that they seem to have gone berserk and there is brassica everywhere in the rows that I sowed. It obviously suites them under there.

Anyway, Liz will be coming to pick the strawberries while I am away. I've told her to help herself to brassica too. The rows will need thinning and so the thinnings may as well go into her garden.

Anyone else want any brassica?

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