Friday, April 13, 2012

I still didn't ...

... get very far with my holiday plans today. I was rather sidetracked.

I was asked if I could remove a gas tank from behind a house this morning. An unusual request, you might be thinking. And you are probably right. Even more so when you realise that it wasn't meant to be physically moved - but removed by the means of what is commonly called "airbrushing it out" on a computer.

Of course, back in the old days I used to spend a great deal of my time doing that when a couple of friends and I ran "Shitesports" - a weekly review of affairs in football, and I was the correspondent for the "League of Wails". Some of you might even remember the legendary "Juan Kusov" under which name my articles were published. Ohhhh happy days!

Anyway, so I set to work on the photo and "airbrushed out" the offending article, even though an airbrush is a tool that I never ever use when I'm doing something like this and I can't understand why it's called "airbrushing".

And here you can see my finished article. One gas tank suitably removed.

I had to do another photo as well, and what with having a letter to write (or, rather, translate) for someone it was after 17:00 when I finished. This is the kind of thing that takes hours to do, but nevertheless it's worth it when you can make a good effort.

But once I'd finished everything I went back outside and carried on potting. All of the herbs are now done too, but I'm not expecting much to come from them. Some of the seeds looked pretty sad. Still, they won't grow if I don't plant them, that's for sure.

And seeing as there was still a few minutes left before knocking-off time, I raked out the last two herb bins to remove the weeds and dead plants. And there I was a few weeks ago complaining that I don't have any mint. Raking out the bin where the mint used to be, I was pulling tons of it out. And in the dedicated mint bucket, cutting off and pulling out the dead bits revealed quite a bit of healthy growth. So it's not all bad news.

  Back up here, I couldn't resist having another little play. Many of you have seen my ... errr ... "composite photos" - I post a few on here every now and again, especially when I'm recounting the adventures of Strawberry Moose, and so in a little fit of boredom I knocked up another composite photo, just to keep my hand in.

Of course some people will argue that it's not a composite photo at all but that some aliens really did land in the Auvergne one day last winter and they will use this photo to prove it. But never mind - I wished I had something better to do as well.

But some more work for me to do has come through this evening, and I'll need to do that tomorrow. I'm not ever going to book this holiday, or finish my garden. But then why should I complain? I complain quickly enough when I don't have any work to do. I ought to be thankful.


  1. Are they nosferatu? I see no shadows.

  2. They were in the barn playing "Apache". And in any case it was midday and so the sun was directly overhead.

  3. Then there should be a shadow under their flying saucer