Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been another ...

... busy afternoon on the gardening front. First job was to make some potting compost to plant my seeds into. This ended up being 12 measures of sterile compost from a supermarket bagful, 4 measures of dry sand and 2 measures of dry wood ash. And if anyone has any better ideas about making a compost for sowing seeds I would be absolutely delighted to hear it.

So once I had done that I went and collected a load of those plastic pots that soya desserts come in. Already nicely washed, I piled them together in heaps of 10 or so, heated up a baked potato skewer until it was red-hot, and then poked it through the heaps of pots four or five times to make drain holes.

Once the drain holes were pierced, I washed the pots again and then filled them with my seed compost, and planted all the "fragile" seeds, like aubergines, peppers, chilis, cucumbers, courgettes, gherkins and a few other things too. And with what was left, I prepared a few seed trays and put leeks and lettuce in them.

There is a reason for all of this. For a start, why the soya dessert pots? The answer to that one is that they come in all varieties of shapes, sizes and colours. And I am heavily into colour coding. I can tell by the different colours, shapes and sizes of the pots that the seeds in them are all of the same type of plant.

The second reason is much more interesting. I've decided that I need a holiday, and so I'm planning to go away. And while I'm away Liz is going to babysit my plants in exchange for half the crop, which I think is a good deal in anyone's terms. That's why there's the rush to do the potting up.

And so this morning I was planning my holiday, and the logistics of it are proving to be a nighmare - it's nothing like as straightforward as it ought to be. But then this evening while I was tidying up, I had a brainwave about my trip and so I've spent most of the evening sitting here with an atlas. And I reckon that I can do this in another fashion.

So tomorrow I'll be scrapping everything that I have done so far and starting again.

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