Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I planted my spuds today.

Yes, that's two raised beds worked over and thankfully they didn't need much. I realised in fact that I'd dug them through a couple of times in February and so one needed just a once-over with the fork whereas the other one managed with a quick hoeing. And that made a change - usually it takes an age to dig over one of the beds.

There was some garlic from last year growing away quite happily in there too, and so I've left that for now. No point in disturbing it when it seems to be doing so well. i'll pull that up when I pull up the spuds in the autumn.

The shallots and onions that I planted earlier this year are doing well too. Nice regimented rows of shoots bursting out of the soil. The garlic and the leeks aren't doing anything though - I suppose it's too early for them.

I also planted another row of peas and another of beans. The earliest row of peas looks like it might be doing something although the rest - and the beans - are not doing anything yet.

But that was all that I did in the garden and I knocked off early - at 18:00. It was teeming down with rain on and off and I ended up soaked to the skin and thoroughly miserable. I sat up here, watched a film and wrapped myself up in the quilt to try to warm myself up. It wasn't very nice.

But this morning I was up before the alarm and breakfasted before the second alarm went off. And I've been working on my website again. High time I caught up on that. But the next time we have a sunny morning and I can run the inverter early on, I'll update the Radio Anglais blog now that I've finally managed to find an mp3 converter program that seems to work.

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