Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I didn't blog ...

... on Sunday, for the simple reason that I didn't do anything at all. I truly had a day of rest. I just simply watched a pile of DVDs and spent an hour or so talking to Rosemarie on the phone. I think that the only time that I went outside was to take the stats at 22:00.

Today though, it's back to work.

This is the next stage of the project - you can see the lean-to wall just there and how it's leaning away from the house wall  and also bulging out at the far end. All of that needs to be pointed, and it isn't easy because some of those stones are just hanging in there thanks to a wing and a prayer, and a few have already gone.

It's not the easiest job that I've ever done, and I have to be careful because teasing out some of the rotten cement infill also tends to tease out some of the stones.

Anyway, I've cleared away some of the brambles and so on, and then painted the woodwork with the first coat. I've also pointed a few square metres of wall - starting from the top and working down so that I can make sure that it's all properly sealed in before I pull the cement away from underneath.

Like I said - it isn't easy and it's going to take me longer than anticipated - always provided that the wall doesn't fall down or anything else stupid.

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