Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've heaved 6 buckets ...

... of lime mortar into this wall today - with the 5 from yesterday that makes 11 and yet it's hardly making any difference.

You can see near the top of the lean-to wall the light white mortar - that was the 5 buckets from yesterday. If you look underneath, over the top and down both sides, you'll just about be able to make out today's mortar - it's the sandy coloured stuff because of course it hasn't dried.

The join between the house and the lean-to takes tons of mortar to fill it. I've been stuffing into the gap the old bits of cement that I'm pulling off the wall and then going over all of that with a very wet mortar mix, pushed well inside. I'm hoping that that will help seal the gap and maybe bind it together.

But you can see where I'll be having the real trouble - just in from the left-hand edge lower down. That's bursting out a little and the cement binding that someone has put in at one time has long since fallen out. Some of the stones are loose and others are missing. It's going to be quite a job to fit that all together. It's a good job that the wall is double-skinned and that the inner skin is holding, otherwise that all would have been down long ago.

But it won't be done tomorrow - it's a bank holiday here and I'm technicianing for Marianne in the morning and there's a walk around Pionsat and Durat - where the Dark Age fort used to be - tomorrow afternoon.   

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