Thursday, August 16, 2012

I witnessed a calamity today!

Marianne and I were doing the pot d'acceuil at Bussieres this morning. The weather was fine and so they decided to hold it outside, even though there was a fair wind blowing. Music was provided by Rick the Belgian trailer guy on the 'cello and a girl friend of his on accordion. I really enjoy listening to those two playing and indeed they did not disappoint this morning - that is, until the tragedy occurred.

Halfway through the proceedings they stopped for a beather and Rick stood his 'cello on the tripod and went over to chat to someone he knew. Just at that moment a violent gust of wind picked up his 'cello, hurled it down the street and smashed it into a stone wall - smashed being the appropriate word. 35 years he's had that 'cello too. He was devastated, and so were all of us. It's an awful thing to happen to someone. I've had my bass guitar for that length of time and I know how I would feel if something were to happen to it. I felt really sorry for Rick.

So after that tragedy we went into Pionsat for the kermesse - or more to the point, for the midday meal at the kermesse. Marianne had reserved a table for her and some friends and I took along my butties because of course you won't find anything there that I might be able to eat.

Following that, we went for the afternoon walk, around Pionsat and then out to Duray, just a kilometre or so outside Pionsat where the original site of the willage was and where there was said to be an early medieval fortress, although nothing remains of the site these days. It's astonishing how completely a building like this might disappear although I have my own reservations about it, wondering if it was not in fact an earlier wooden fort.

We were then treated to a guided tour of the chateau at Pionsat - something that has not occurred for a few years while the renovations have been under way;

We finished everything by about 19:30 and I came home. Completely worn out and it's supposed to be a bank holiday - a day of rest - too;

But at least we had a pile of rain this evening, and the garden didn't half need it;

But I do feel sorry for Rick, poor guy.

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