Friday, August 17, 2012

One thing that can be said ...

... about the weather that we had on Sunday is that the garden has come to life. The courgettes have finally started to flower, which is quite a relief as I was starting to worry about them, and then also the corn has started to push its tassels out which means that they should be starting to develop their cobs pretty soon. I was worried about them for a while too.

But never mind the garden for the moment. I had the usual few hours on the internet this morning working on the website and also sorting out all of my photos from yesterday. Marianne wants a couple of the walk for her newspaper, and Rick the trailer guy wanted the ones that featured him on his poor 'cello to pass on to the insurance company.

But after that another 6 buckets of mortar went into the wall. And this is the difficult bit because firstly I'm working on the bit that's bulging and dropping stones, and secondly I'm uncomfortably perched on the ladder - it's too high for where I need to be and any smaller ladder isn't tall enough. Not only that, I have to carefully chip out the flaking cement that someone has tried to use as weathering over the old mortar, and do that without disturbing too much the weak stones.

Those 6 buckets don't seem to have done much - but then again these cracks are way deep and forcing in the liquid cement isn't quite as easy as it might be.

But I'm making slow progress all the same and in another 10 days it will be finished, I hope.


  1. It sounds as though it might just be better to rebuild the outer leaf

  2. How about using a piping bag? Cut a big circle of plastic, fold it to make a cone. Put som cement in it, roll over the open end and then cut the point off the point. Now you can squeeze the cement into the crack much more easily then with a trowel.