Saturday, August 18, 2012

It was a gorgeous day ...

... for doing the washing. Loads of wind, a bright hot sunny day and plenty of hot water. And if I hadn't have been so preoccupied I would have done a load too.

However, this afternoon I was back up the wall again. 6 large buckets went into it today, but again it doesn't look too much like it as it's all disappearing into the interior. and I glanced into a hole from where a stone fell out (that's another problem that I'm having) and the front layer is a good two or three inches away from the rear layer, with a gaping hole between them. Rhys suggests demolishing the outer layer and rebuilding it, and that's an idea that I haven't discounted. But it involves spending much more time on the neighbour's land, fixing a scaffolding on his property, and also loads of time and loads of skill, neither of which I have

But I tell you one thing - when I rebuilt the long side wall I infilled the top of the wall with ferro-cement and then with concrete and when I rebuilt the top of the back wall (the one where I'm working now) I infilled the top of that with concrete too. And I'm glad that I did because that ought to hold together even if part of the underneath should happen to fall down.

But I'm glad that I'm doing it now. It wouldn't have lasted for too much longer.

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