Friday, August 24, 2012

If this weather behaves itself tomorrow ...

... then a couple of hours on that wall will see it finished. Yes, you can always tell how much I'm enjoying myself by the time that I realise that it's knocking-off time. Finishing time on summer hours is 19:00 (18:00 on winter hours) and tonight it was ... errrr ... 19:45.

But there's only a couple of rows to do, and to do that I'll need to rake away all of the rubbish that I've scraped out of the wall. But I'm a little disheartened as there's a horizontal crack appearing. It's quite long but only a couple of thou wide and, surprisingly enough, not where I expected it to be (one of the three enormous cracks that was there in the wall). Anyway, it'll have to stay like that for now. When I've finished the wall I'll leave it all to fester over the winter and maybe two days next summer I can fill in any of the cracks and put another layer on.

And, mentioning the weather, we had a storm this afternoon. At about 17:30 we had a torrential downpour for about 15 minutes. That put some water in the water butts, which is just as well, and it soaked the garden too, but it's nothing like enough. Right now there's a tremendous light-show going on and someone nearby is taking a pasting. 4 hours of torrential rain through the night would be just wnat the doctor ordered.

As for this morning, Rosemarie rang up for a chat and then a couple of hours on the radio programme took the total up to 32kb - it's now nudging at the heels of the Post Office stuff that we did this time last year. One thing's for certain - when that is finished I won't need to do anything else for the rest of the year.

And talking of radioing, tomorrow I'm doing the rock programme. Still plenty to do so I need an early night.

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