Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, folks ...

... here it is, the wall's all finished!

I was rather optimistic about my "couple of hours" - in fact it was more like 3.5 hours but the hardest part of it was of course the clearing up afterwards that took the time - I don't do clearing up as you know. Anyway, there you are - all done.

As for the bits of old cement and so on that I dug out of the wall, they are on a tarpaulin at the side of the house. Soon I'll be doing some concreting and I'll be needing hardcore.

As for the weather behaving itself, the moment that I finished putting the last lortar into the wall, it started to rain. Bang on cue, you might say.

Anyway, seeing as it was 18:10 when I finished, I called it a day and boiled up some water for a shave and a good wash. Following that, I crashed out, to such an extent that I didn't make tea. I'd probably be asleep even now if Radio Tartasse hadn't rung up - the music files for the radio programme are corrupted so can she copy them again.

That's where I was this morning, recording the rock music programmes for the radio. That was fairly straightforward after last month's debacle.

So tomorrow is shopping at Commentry and maybe the baths at Neris, Sunday is the pellerinage at La Cellette, the pot d'acceuil at St Maigner, the Virlet brocante and then liz and Terry's for rehearsals, and that's the weekend done. And do you like my Sunday? That, would you believe, is a day of rest.


  1. It sounds more like a day for 'all the rest'. ;-)

  2. With all this rain, you'd think you were still living in Britain.

    1. Nothing would make me think I'm back in Britain.

  3. I must admit, the longer I stay out of Britain, the nastier I realise Britain is. It's rotten to the core. It's not the government - it's attitudes. People all believe they are entitled and are miserable when they find they're not. More people try to stop things happening than try to make them happen. There's no sense of responsibility any more. No pride. No get up and go.