Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've been spending my money once again

It's the rentrée pretty soon - yes, all the kids will be back at school in 2 weeks' time and so the shops are filled with all kinds of stuff. There's one shop, called Centrakor in Commentry that is a kind of downmarket CASA if that's at all possible, and they had something on sale that was quite phenomenal. It's a kids' workstation type of thing - a few shelves, a slide-out shelf for a keyboard, a tabletop and then a couple of shelves at eye-level (well, eye-level for a 12 year old) and the good part about it is that it is on castors. The best part about it though is the price - a mere €19:99

Here in my little attic I have a kind of tiny round coffee table with two shelves and I have the DVD player/TV on the top shelf and the computer external drives on the other. And it rattle along and bits drop off and there's no room for anything at all on it, so when I saw this workstation thing my mind went into overdrive. So now there's one in the back of Caliburn waiting to be brought up here and assembled whenever I get a moment (whenever that might be). But it's ever so impressive, easpecially at that price.

I did quite a mega-shop today in Commentry, including a proper stonemason chisel for raking out the cement from between the stones. High time I had some decent tools and equipment around here - it might make the next bit of the wall somewhat easier.

From there I went on to Neris and the swimming baths. The weather has cooled down considerably over these last few days but the had all the sides of the pool open and so it was freezing in there. I managed 24 lengths today which is something of a record these days. I came home afterwards and ... errrr ... crashed out. I'm not as young as I was.

This morning I finished off the radio scripts - it needs some alterations but I don't really have the time to do it now and I was too tired this evening. And after my worries, it weighed in at 38kb - the third longest ever.

So now it's bedtime ready for my day of rest tomorrow, when I'm going to be rushed off my feet.

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