Friday, September 21, 2012

19:32 ...

... it was when I knocked off this evening - on POETS Day too, would you believe?

But at least I have all of the stones in place in the wall and all of the joints have been filled in. Dodging the heavy rainshowers of course, but I wasn't going to let a little water bother me too much. With the half-bucket of mortar that was left, I put that on the inside.

I would like to say that the wall is finished but of course it isn't. I'm not very happy with it at all. I had the predicted avalanche that wiped out a lot of today's work and a good part of yesterday's too but I've managed to replace it all. What I'm going to have to do is to leave it for a week or two for the stones to settle and the mortar to cure and then to go over it again to see if there are any loose stones or cracks in the mortar and seal them in again. At least, it's in far better condition now that it ever was before.

This morning though I went to Marcillat to record my rock music programme but there was no-one there. I tried ringing them at home but no answer so after waiting half an hour I came home. Maybe they forgot - or else maybe I mixed up the dates. That wouldn't surprise me.

So I came back and worked on the website for a couple of hours.

And this evening? Nothing at all. I deserve a rest and I'll be going to bed in a tick. 

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