Sunday, September 23, 2012

You've probably all been wondering ...

... where I've been this weekend. The truth is that it's been something of a totally mixed-up couple of days. I managed an early start on Saturday morning and even selected the music for the rock programme for December - talk about trying to get ahead - but then it all went a little haywire.

I had four phone calls one after the other. Marianne rang me to see if I would like to be a technician at a Haydn concert on Sunday afternoon (so much for my day off), then Percy Penguin rang, then a solar panel salesman, and then someone else rang up and I can't now remember who it was.

In between the phone calls I was trying to do some tidying up, without too much success, and so I made a coffee and sat down for five minutes. Next thing that I remembered was that it was 14:43 - I'd missed my window of opportunity to go shopping in Commentry and then for a swim and so I simply nipped into St Eloy (remembering while I was there exactly why I needed to go to Commentry) and then came back home to prepare for the footy.

If you think that the 7-0 hammering that Pionsat's 2nd XI had at Chateaugay the other week, that was nothing compared to the score against Nord Combraille. No goalkeeper, and so a young boy going between the posts, last season's 3rd XI defence, and the result was a foregone conclusion even before the kickoff. It was a shame because for the first time for ages the team had a shape and a plan, and in midfield and up front they weren't too bad. But every time they lost possession that was that.

The 1st XI won 2-1, scoring two goals that were, well, extraordinary. Beating the offside trap completely and utterly for one goal, and the second, a free kick from 30 yards out that went straight through the hands of the keeper. Still, they all count.

Of course, with two matches and a pile of injury time, we didn't finish until almost 23:00 so it was midnight when I came up here. Too tired to do anything but all that coffee and the nap at lunchtime made sure that I was still awake at 05:30.

Consequently, an 11:30 start meant that the day was over before it really started. I had to be at Marianne's at 13:00 to set up the stage for this show that started at 16:00.

We were being treated to a concert of Haydn's Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze with three violins and a 'cello. An extremely enjoyable afternoon, I have to say, and it also gave me a good opportunity to have a good prowl around the church which, for a modern church (built in 1888 which is new for around here), is surprisingly interesting.

Even more interesting was the fact that it was the feast of St Bravy - the patron saint of the church - and his skull, dating back to the 9th Century, was actually on display for all to see - and which led to one of these fascinating conversations that only ever happen once in a lifetime -
Marianne - "it's a very small skull, don't you think?"
Our hero - "it's probably the skull of St Bravy when he was a small child".

Radio rehearsing came next with Liz, and a lovely stuffed courgette meal later, back here to carry on working. Printing out the notes for tomorrow produced nothing at all and as I'm too tired right now to do anything about it, I changed the font colour to blue and now I have blue notes. I'll have to look at this black ink cartridge when I feel more like it.

Right now I need to sort out some music for our radio programmes tomorrow if I can manage to stay awake, and then I'll be off to bed. I just hope I remember to wake up.

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