Thursday, September 20, 2012

I bet that you are fed up ...

... of seeing photos of this blasted wall. But you are lucky - you only have to look at it for 30 seconds or so. Every day from about 12:30 until 19:00 I have to look at at, so imagine just how fed up I am!

It's still not finished - there's about 2m² to finish off and then to dig out and clear away at the foot of the wall and seal that in. And if you think that that is the work of just 5 minutes then think again because this is the crucial bit. The stones are held in by cement which was pasted over the top of the sand and clay mortar, but that has been washed away a long time ago and so there's the cement with nothing behind it. What I have to do is to knock out the cement, remove the loose stones one-by-one (which is about all of them I reckon) and then knock oversized ones into the gap and cement them in.

Doing it from the top down means that the ones above where I'll be working are held in by the cement and by being wedged well in, but it's still not comfortable and so if I don't blog tomorrow night then it will be because the lot has crashed down on top of me. And that's not as far-fetched as it sounds.

It's getting to me, though. For the first time in absolutely ages I overslept - clean through the alarms. Missing most of the morning put me in a bad mood as I had lots to do, but I managed to record the music for my rock music programmes that I shall be recording tomorrow morning (assuming that I wake up).

No, I can't wait for the weekend.

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