Thursday, September 20, 2012

I took down the scaffolding at lunchtime.

Yes, the first time in over 10 years that there has been no scaffolding of one kind or another out there at the back. I was working out there all afternoon but I've not made much progress because this isn't easy - the concrete mortar that they used to cover the gaps between the stones is taking ages to come off.

Usually, if the mortar is in good condition I'll leave it on and put the chalk over the top but what is happening is that water has infiltrated down the back of the concrete mortar when there was no roof on the lean-to and washed away all of the original sand-and-clay mortar, so that it's hollow behind. The concrete mortar needs to be hacked off, the joints raked out, stones hammered in to keep the exisiting stones in position, and then the whole lot mortared in with chalk.

Of course, sometimes 3 or 4 stones fall out, and so I have to find an oversize one to knock into the gap with a sledgehammer. This is important to lock the remaining original stones in their position so that the stresses are spread horizontally and not vertically.

This morning though I had a good session on the website dealing with the footy match on Sunday. It's not quite finished yet but round about 11:30 I had a go experimenting with my old digital dictaphone to see if I could make it work like I wanted. No such luck and so I decided I would have a good search around for the one I lost on Sunday. In the end I found it - fallen out of my pocket and down the back of the seat.

But no phone though - I must have been mistaken about hearing it bleep as it doesn't seem to be anywhere in hearing distance.

I've also had an angry phone call with one of these rip-off solar panel merchants. Apparently if I have his system fitted, it will pay for itself in 10 years.
"How is that?"
"Well, it costs €19,000 (three times what it would cost me to supply the stuff incidentally) and the Electricity Board will pay you €1,800 per year for 10 years
"That makes €18,000 doesn't it?"
"So how will if pay for itself in 10 years?"
"Because the Electricity Board will pay you €1,800 per year for 10 years"
So after much arguing and shouting, he slammed the phone down. Serve him right. Nothing but a rip-off.

But I'm glad that I got my wood in anyway - while I was making tea tonight the temperature fell from 12.1°C to 8.0°C - on course to be the coldest night of this end of the year. That's also why I'm glad that I stayed here to do this wall and not go gallivanting off to Canada just now.  

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  1. You've made plenty of progress, you're just expecting miracles. Which, lets be honest, that wall was close to needing! Still, as the saying goes if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well and when it's as bad as it is, it takes as long as it takes.

    worringly when I went to post this the security word was corpsse, so do be careful ;-)