Monday, November 19, 2012

I was going ...

... to go to watch a football match this afternoon. And I had a choice too - St Avit to see Le Quartier's 2nd XI (which is many of Pionsat's 3rd XI from last year, apparently), Neuf Eglise to watch a cup match, or to Baudelaire or Chambon in the Creuse, where there were a couple of matches. Instead, though, I stayed in, because I was busy.

I actually managed a lie-in until 09:45 today, although that wasn't too much of a lie-in seeing as how I didn't go to bed until about 02:00. And after watching The Cannonball Run, wwhich is definitely one of my favourite films, I sat down and started on a new project.

As you might (or might not) know, I present a rock music programme twice a week on the local radio station here. That sounds grand but it is in fact just a couple of programmes recycled during the month.

However, I'm playing stuff that most, if not all, my listeners have never heard, because I'm not going for mainstream music but for the more marginal stuff that never had the airplay to be a top 20 hit. So what I've been doing is to prepare a web page listing all of the albums from which I've been playing stuff, and arranging them by month. It's a long way from being finished but at least it's started and it's well on its way

This evening I picked up Cécile and we went down to Liz and Terry's - for me to rehearse my radio programmes with Liz and for Cécile to discuss some work with Terry. In the end we all had a very good chat and a nice socialising evening.

And tomorrow, we're recording our radio programmes, so I'll be out all day. It won't leave me much time to do this floor.

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