Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well, I was right ...

... about having a lot to do on Friday. For once, the people at Radio Tartasse were properly organised and I managed to have everything finished by 10:25.

From there I went round to Cécile's, where we had lunch and then I did a few jobs for her. To be quite honest though, I think that we spent more time talking than working, and I didn't return home until Heaven alone knows what time.

This morning after an early start, I dashed off a complete radio programme - the Rock music programme for January. I can do things like that at one sitting when I'm in the mood and I wish I were in the mood more often because I can move the world when I'm like that.

After shopping, it was round to Marianne's for a chat and she gave me a couple of prezzies, which was nice, and then off to the footy at Marcillat where we had what can best be described as a "warming" match - Marcillat winning 2-1 in the end.

It's a lie-in tomorrow (I hope) and then I have more work to do. I can't even have a day off these days :-(

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