Saturday, December 22, 2012

All around the house is shrouded in mist at the moment.

So either the world did come to an end, or else we have a hanging cloud over the mountain. I know which one I suspect. Hanging clouds are a well-known phenomenon around here, as you know, and I reckon that all this talk about the end of the world was a load of nonsense. The Mayans simply ran out of room on the parchment and that was that.

But it may well have been the end of the world for all I care. Another wet, miserable, dreary day like the 8 previous ones. It's enough to mke anyone feel depressed. But a little silver lining to the cloud is that I now know when our Christmas Special is being broadcast. It's on Christmas Eve at 18:00 and Christmas Day at 13:00. Central European Time of course so you need to make your own adjustments if you live elsewhere of course.

If you don't live around Clermont Ferrand you won't be able to hear it on the radio, but you will be able to hear it streamed on the Radio Arverne website. I think that this is the link, but I'll have to check up on it later.

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