Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well folks

I'm feeling a little better today. I can cough without feeling that I have a piece of sandpaper stuck down my throat, although coughing does make my ribs ache. All I need to do now is to stop this runny nose before I run out of kitchen roll.

Apart from that, I've not been doing much. Spending an hour or two every so often writing the radio programmes - it's difficult to concentrate to write a whole stream of stuff, and reading a few books. But you'll be pleased (or maybe disappointed) to learn that I've not had any interesting dreams just now these last few days.

I've also had a few phone calls from friends - such as Liz, Marianne and Rosemarie, and that's nice too. Cheers me up no end. I hope I'll be feeling better by Saturday though because I have to go out and do some shopping. Must get the sprouts in for Christmas.

And talking of Christmas and Rosemarie, I forgot to mention that I'm still eating lettuce out of the garden. Yes - I built up a raised bed with some old planks and laid an old caravan window across the top. That's kept the weather out and while the leaves are quite small, they are still there and quite edible. That's something of a surprise.

But I wish that this weather would improve. We've had seven consecutive days of rain and since I've been back (2 weeks) we've only had one day of sunshine and I could do with recharging my batteries someday soon. No wonder I'm all sad, depressed and miserable with all of this. Talk about being under the weather - there's a lot of weather to be under right now   


  1. Get well soon. Just think of all that fun you're missing wading about in knee deep mud. So stay inside and warm until the dreaded lurgy have all died of old age.

  2. So glad to read that you're feeling a bit better. Be kind to yourself and keep resting . . .