Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm still here today too.

Although, given the weather, I wouldn't have minded in the least if the world had come to an end. I can't remember if this is the 9th or 10th consecutive day of rain but nevertheless, it's still been very wet and once more, the four banks of solar panels haven't received any electricity worth talking about. It's not just the weather that's in a depression.

I made it out today - into St Eloy and a quick thrash around the shops. Most importantly, I have my brussels sprouts and endives for Christmas Day now. That's vitally important of course. They well go nicely with my roast spuds, seitan slices, stuffing and onion gravy for Christmas Dinner. That's if I get any Christmas Dinner - the fire is playing up right now. It's not burning, just sitting there smouldering and blowing clouds of smoke back into the room. I'll have to look at the pipework to see whether a mouse has hibernated in the chimney.

One thing that I did do today though was to go to the launderette. There was a load of washing here and waiting for fine weather and hot water will be like waiting for Godot I imagine. There will be more chance of meeting him here right now. So a huge pile of it went into a machine and now it's all clean.

That means clean bedding tonight and seeing as how I had a good strip-down wash this aftenoon, a clean me too. Yes, a strip-down wash. If anyone thinks that I'm standing outside taking a shower in this weather they are mistaken.

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