Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday is a day of rest ...

... although that wasn't the case here today. I couldn't even manage to lie in after 08:45.

After breakfast and some work on the computer I carried on tidying up in here. After all, I might be having visitors here in early course. And then, after a few hours of working on the Quebec website, I emptied Caliburn of all of the stuff bought in the UK the other week, and put it away. That was not as easy as it sounds, I'll tell you.

However we finally had the day that I had been awaiting. Gorgeous, blue sky with scattered clouds and 70 amphours or so in each of the two solar banks on the house. That has cheered me up a little and it would be nice to see more of that for the next couple of days if possible. It'll make the batteries look much more healthy.   

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  1. LOL, Sorry Eric, you should have got Terry round to help you lift them.