Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Boxing Day.

I was quiet yesterday, but there was a good reason for that. I had a guest round and it wasn't until about 02:45 that she left and by that time I was well ready for bed.

Christmas Day began though in the traditional way. Having forgotten to switch off one of the alarm clocks I was aroused from my stinking pit at 07:45. Ahhh well :-(

Still, it gave me plenty of time to relax and open my presents - lots of DVDs, CDs, books and computer stuff. All a man could desire. And once breakfast was out of the way I sat down for the start of my marathon DVD session. Lunch was the typical Christmas Day lunch - nibbling on bits and pieces, and then I prepared the veg for the evening meal - boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots, endives and sprouts - all cooked in the steamer.

Cécile came round in the late afternoon, just in time for Carry on Don't Lose Your Head. Not my favourite but one that she would understand, with lots of visual humour. High time, given the state of globalisation in the world today, that I started spreading around the spirit of Carry On humour. So a few more films, a Christmas meal (the aforementioned plus seitan slices in onion gravy, Christmas pud and vegan cream followed by coffee and Christmas cake), and a good chat, she went home and I went to bed.

Today, with no alarm, I managed a lie-in until 09:45 and then the DVD marathon continued. Lunch was the usual, and Boxing Day dinner was reheated leftover veg in olive oil and mustard sauce (delicious) with a vegan burger, followed by Christmas pud and vegan cream.

So tomorrow I suppose that I had better start back to work.

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