Saturday, December 29, 2012

I've been missing ...

... for a couple more days without having kept up my online diary. I really don't know what you pay me for.

Both mornings (Thursday and Friday) I've been working on my tour of Québec. The afternoons have been quite something else.

Yesterday Cécile rang me up. She's won a set of gates on eBay but they were too big to go in her car and so Caliburn was pressed into action (it's a good job that I'd spent half an hour emptying him out). A drive out to Doyet (way the other side of Commentry) was reimbursed by the offer of an evening meal, for which I'm always grateful, and after another marathon session lighting her stove we ended up watching episodes of "The Twilight Zone" until quite late.

However I had noticed that her car sidelight wasn't working and changing the bulb didn't resolve the problem. And with the Controle Technique (the French MoT) due next week I told her to bring the car round this afternoon and I'd have a look at it. Replacing a fuse that was conspicuous by its absence resolved the sidelight issue, and then I fixed one or two other things. That was followed by a Hitchcock film or two and a plate or two of pasta and beans.

One of these days I'll restart work on things around here. I promise I will.

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