Sunday, December 30, 2012

I went swimming today.

And how!

And the reason for that is that on the informal weather scale that I keep, this morning was classed as "scattered clouds" but this afternoon was classed as "glorious". Nothing in the heavens to stop the sun streaming down, and I had the amount of solar energy that would have been expected in the summer.

So after a lie-in I finally finished off the Quebec pages after all this time and these are now on line. After that, it was a quick thrash around the shops in Commentry and then off to thr swimming baths at Neris. And for a change it was reasonably warm in there and I'm nice and clean, and I'm looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

All in all, a very quiet day. I've been having a few of those just recently. I'm saving my strength for the new year.

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