Thursday, March 21, 2013

I had to go to the Polyclinic ...

... at lunchtime.

Long-term readers of this rubbish will know that there is a very large colony of parrots living here in the wild in Brussels (a zoo was bombed during the war and the birds escaped, and settled in the nearby woods) and some of you have even seen them, but the medical care that is apparently offered to them puts our vets to shame.

They don't have aspirins in a Polyclinic either. I'm told that the Paracetemol.

But there I was being all dressed up in surgical gown, scrubbing my hands and arms and all  that kind of thing. And then they said that I was ready. 
"Don't I need a mask?" I enquired
"Whyever would you want one of those?"
"Well, I understood that in a sterile environment you needed to wear a mask"
"Not at all. That's just media nonsense"
"So why do doctors and surgeons have to wear them?"
"That's not for health reasons"
"So why is it then?" I enquired
"That's because if one doctor or surgeon makes a mistake in an operation, none of the others would be able to identify which one it was, and so the patients couldn't sue"

I walked back here again afterwardsand after lunch I blitzed through the apartment to have a go at tidying it up ready for my open night. I had three visitors, one of whom seemed to be very interested. So we'll have to see. There's an Open Day on Saturday too.

So if I'm lucky, I might get a full day working here tomorrow. On the other hand, I'm sure that something else will crop up to spoil my day.

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